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Towards those who hesitate, because perhaps they do not have enough information, dialogue is needed to understand their reasons and offer explanations. These people are the majority, the opposites regardless are few even if they make a lot of noise

Hesitance: not a young word, but the pandemic has given it a new meaning. the attitude of those perplexed by the opportunity to get vaccinated. The World Health Organization has indicated it as one of the most serious threats to the effectiveness of vaccination campaigns, with harmful consequences on easily preventable diseases. Placed in the middle of a minority, but tenacious front, of decidedly no-vax diehards – estimated at 3-4% – and of a much more conspicuous front of favorable ones – about 80%, the hesitant occupy a not large space, but vital: since the methods of persuasion on the resistant do not even manage to scratch their hard core, the most substantial results are obtained by working precisely on the undecided. Like? Certainly not by stigmatizing them, nor by forcing them with authoritarianism, actions that usually have the opposite effect. Rather, they tickle their emulative resources through that herd effect that induces them to follow the virtuous behaviors of recognized leaders – including spiritual ones – of which to imitate courage, generosity and farsightedness. Again, through educational campaigns that radiate messages that are consistent, clear and backed by solid evidence. Finally, by focusing on rewarding incentives, even trivial ones: giving away T-shirts with the inscription I am vaccinated; offer a free health check-up; reduce the cost of the ticket for an event or a trip. The no-vaxes are numerically scarce, however their media invasion is devastating and must be contained. But instead of directly attacking their stubborn resistance, it is more effective to circumvent their defenses: on the one hand by dampening the echoes that reverberate in their congregations and stemming the spread of their ideologies; on the other hand, reaching the greatest number of hesitants to encourage them to come out and make them feel an active part of a community they can trust and in which they know how to recognize their identity values. We enjoy the fortune of one of the most authoritative healthcare services in the world thanks to our extraordinary skills and qualifications. Many countries envy us and it is a contemptuous offense to refuse vaccines which are the best product of many operators, researchers, scientists and politicians who have worked hard and ingeniously on them, often anonymously, to ensure the safety of a very significant number of our brothers. Come on, then, hesitate! The time has come to get out of limbo and take a precise position, just to show the world that the pasta you are made of is a mirrored amalgam of reason, civility, altruism and solidarity.

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