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Apparently, when police violence is exercised by a communist regime, it is not that bad for Black Lives Matter (BLM) …

The American protest movement supported the Cuban dictatorship with a detailed statement. “The leaders of the United States have tried for decades to crush this revolution,” the activists put it, glorifying the regime’s brutal system of repression as a path to “self-determination and sovereignty”.

The blame for the desolate economic situation in the country is by no means socialism, but the USA with its embargo policy, which must be ended “immediately”. The US government has brought suffering to the country’s eleven million people, four million of whom are black, claims BLM – without mentioning that the black part of the population also suffers from the decades-long dictatorship. The policy of the USA is identified as the only “human rights violation” in the statement.

Since 1959 Cuba has had a communist one-party system without free elections and the rule of law. Oppositionists were arrested, tortured and murdered by the thousands. Even with current protests, there is massive police violence, against which Black Lives Matter actually rebels according to its own statutes.

“Afro-Cuban life does not matter to the shameful leaders of Black Lives Matter”

The statement met with considerable criticism in the United States. “I am black and Cuban and deeply hurt by the BLM statement,” wrote Odette Casamayor-Cisneros, professor at the University of Pennsylvania, on Twitter. “They are blind to the Cuban people, to their demands. Who are you in solidarity with? Certainly not with the people on the street. “

Fabiola Santiago, a well-known Cuban journalist, angrily commented in the “Miami Herald”: “How can a movement that is supposedly dedicated to the pursuit of justice turn a blind eye to what is happening in Cuba, as if these batons, strangles and bullets are not would be used against blacks? ”Her comment was headed:“ Afro-Cuban life does not matter to the vicious leaders of Black Lives Matter. ”

The BLM statement also credited Cuba’s government with “protecting black revolutionaries like Assata Shakur,” a convicted police murderer who fled to Cuba in 1979 after escaping from prison.

Protests for freedom and against oppression – and over 5,000 arrests

In the past few days, thousands of Cubans had demonstrated for freedom, against oppression and an economy of scarcity. There had been no such open protests in the Caribbean country for decades. According to independent journalists, more than 5,000 people have now been arrested. The security forces sometimes proceeded with extreme brutality.


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Plainclothes policemen lead a young protester away. Many have disappeared afterwards.Foto: STRINGER/REUTERS

State media report a death in a demonstration in Havana. The 36-year-old tried to attack a police station as part of an “organized group of anti-social and criminal elements,” said the regime’s propaganda. The independent journalist Yoani Sánchez suspects in her podcast that there have been many more deaths. Opposition media revealed that the government is blackmailing young men into attacking protesters with sticks.

Numerous Cuban-American celebrities sided with the demonstrators in the United States, including actor Andy Garcia, 65, and singer Gloria Estefan, 63. Black Lives Matter, on the other hand, shows solidarity with the Cuban rulers around President Miguel Díaz-Canel (61), who was installed in 2019 by Raúl Castro (90), the younger brother of the late dictator Fidel Castro.



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