Divella and the orecchietta alla Carbonara “that unites Rome with Bari”

An orecchietta alla Carbonara, this is the Divella version of the famous Roman dish, created today on the occasion of ‘Carbonara Day’. “Was it a fun game to test yourself in the kitchen, my version of Carbonara? I am a purist, a classic and for me traditions must not be touched. So much so that there are five ingredients that must never be touched. : in addition to pasta, pecorino, pepper, egg and bacon. These are the tools for the perfect equation of Carbonara “. So Fabio Divella, head of the Pasta division and exponent of the fourth generation of the family’s pasta factory, tells time.news about his participation in Carbonara Day, the virtual event that celebrates this traditional dish.

“I tried to do my best by participating from our laboratory and when the moderator asked me if I knew the Apulian variant, with the addition of parsley, I said it’s true, it exists – she says – but it doesn’t represent me, for me an expression of maximum pugliesità is the orecchietta and in fact I prepared the orecchietta alla Carbonara leaving the pivotal points of the sauce and I wanted to show that the distances between Rome and Bari have shortened, creating a common thread in this very nice event “.


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