«Divided on the choices. In the end, madness prevailed »- Corriere.it

«I have to make my apologies to everyone, to my colleagues, to the Festival and also to the artists whose heart was beating for the mess I made. You must know that I love sports and when a game ends the first thing I announce is the result. This is why I went too quickly towards the end ». First of all: the first black president to lead the jury, the first (in this role) to lend his face to the official poster of the Festival, the first to immediately spoil the winner of the review: the director’s praecox announcement displaces everyone, like the his suit that starts off dark and then fades in the colors of the rainbow – like a Magritte painting with LGBTQ + shades -, on his head a hat that resembles that of a conductor a bit that of an elevator attendant in hotels in luxury.

Spike Lee is also the first to explain the Palme d’Or choices a “Titanium” by Julia Ducournau, the film where a woman has sex with a car and which many critics had crushed: some called it a “trash test”, some “a meaningless work”. “I’ve seen many films in my life – said the director -, but”Titanium” is the first film in which a Cadillac gets a woman pregnant: there is genius and madness, two things I love about this job. Of course I would also like to know the Cadillac’s point of view … ».

It does not go into too much into the merits of the decisions, but the choices are not were simple, all the jurors in the choir admit it and the director confirms it: «We discussed a lot, we all loved different films, there were 24 films in the competition and it would have taken 24 prizes. Everyone defended his choices with passion, everyone was able to tell and explain his vision of cinema, but between us there has always been great respect ». A woman won, but Julia Ducournau didn’t win because she was a woman: “That wasn’t the point,” says director Jessica Hausner, one of the members of a jury that this year consisted of five women and four men.

That there have been comparisons and discussions are also demonstrated by the two ex aequo prizes. Obviously it was impossible to choose. So those who expected an absolute monarch Spike Lee were disappointed. He joked about it on the eve: “We have different opinions, I promised that I will not be a dictator.” Except to add with the usual stroke of irony: “If the jury is divided four against four, I decide!”. In reality it seems to have gone differently, and the man who loves sports – where in the end someone always wins – in some cases preferred to aim for a draw.

Julia Ducournau is instead incredulous, she cries, she speaks English to the French-majority audience, confused and happy: “I know my film is not perfect, but perfection is a dead end” he said before thanking the jury for “recognizing the hungry and visceral need we have for a more fluid and inclusive ”and for“ meeting the demand for more diversity in our cinematic experiences and in our lives. Thanks to the jury for letting the monsters in. ‘

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