Djibouti Malayalam Movie Release Review & Rating

Djibouti Malayalam Movie Review & Rating: ‘Djibouti’, written and directed by newcomer SJ S, starring Amit Chakkalakal, has arrived in theaters. Survival Thriller Zoner is a film about romance and action.

The story of the film starts from a hilly village in Kerala called Vilakkumala. Louie (Amit Chakkalakal) and AB (Gregory) are on the move with the desire to go abroad to work and escape. Their livelihood is driving a jeep. Meanwhile, Ana (Shagun Jaswal), a young woman from Djibouti in East Africa, arrives at the lighthouse.

So Louie and Abby take the opportunity to show Ana the country in a jeep. Louis’s love for Ana and the idea that he could work for a company in Djibouti with the help of HR Ana’s were behind the decision. But Ana not only comes to see the country, but also to find her old friend. So they find a friend and then Ana falls in love with Louie and takes them to Djibouti.

The film tells the story of Ana’s pregnancy in Djibouti and the ensuing problems, as well as Louie’s and Abby’s attempts to survive.

Amit Chakkala has managed to make the best of a typical countryman named Louie. Amit has beautifully portrayed all the emotional scenes. Gregory’s AB, who stands with Louis for anything, is also grabbing the audience’s attention. But in some scenes in the first part of the film, the placement and dialogues of the character may seem a little annoying.

Shigla native Shagun Jaswal, who played the lead role of Ana, is also in the spotlight. Ana’s combination scenes with Louie were all good.

Dileesh Pothen is another actor who is gaining the attention of the audience in the film. Dileesh played the role of Louie and Ana’s company boss. Biju Sopanam and Anjali Nair are coming in notable roles. The film also stars Sunil Sukhada, Baby George, Tamil actor Kishore, Geetha, Athira, Rohit Maggu, Alansier, Lali and Pauly Watson.

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The director continues the story by showing the beauty of the hilly village of Vilakkumala and the beautiful landscapes of the African country of ‘Djibouti’. The action scenes by Wiki Master, Run Ravi and Mafia Shashi are noteworthy. They are so beautifully put together without being overdone. But Afzal Abdul Latif and S. J. There are some flaws in the script prepared by Sinu. The story starts from the village of Vilakkumala and when it reaches the African country of ‘Djibouti’, the flow of the story is lost somewhere. The second half, full of action scenes, also felt a drag due to this flaw in the script.

Photographer T.D. Srinivas has won. The chasing scenes and fight scenes in the car are superbly filmed. The music composed by Deepak Dev with lyrics by Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri and Vinayak Sasikumar is also excellent. Joby, a Malayalee businessman from Djibouti under the banner of Nail Communication on Bluehill. P. The film is produced by Sam.

Djibouti is a thriller full of romance and action that can be enjoyed in the New Year if nothing goes wrong.



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