Dl Sostegni, King David (Fiom): “No to layoffs, they damage the country”

“The decision taken by the Government with the Sostegni decree to stop the redundancy block from June 30th is detrimental to industrial workers and the general interest of the country. The pandemic emergency persists and has a strong impact on metalworkers, but according to the provision of the Council of Ministers from 1 July, companies could return to open dismissal procedures as in the pre-pandemic situation “. Francesca Re David, general secretary Fiom-Cgil.

“The Fiom – continues the number one of the metalworkers of Corso d’Italia – asks for one substantial modification of the provision ensuring full use of the social safety nets available to male and female workers, thus preventing layoffs and guaranteeing continuity to the current employees. Fiom also believes that at the same time the shock absorbers and tools necessary for a non-traumatic transition on the social level of the industrial transformation, environmentally compatible and digital, are reviewed, through an investment in the defensive and expansive solidarity contract, and the new skills fund. It is necessary intervene with adequate regulatory and economic measures: increase the cash allowance and encourage the reshaping and reduction of working hours. Finally, to promote the generational relay aimed at youth employment “.

“The State – added King David – has considered industrial workers, since the beginning of the pandemic, fundamental and essential for the entire country. Sostegni decree penalizes metalworkers and it is up to date lack of discussion on the merits. We ask the Government, and in particular the competent Ministries, to open discussions on industrial and employment policy choices in industry. For Fiom resources, starting with those of Recovery Fund, they will be able to innovate our industry if they value work, therefore we believe it is essential that industrial plans are carried out together with employment plans shared with male and female workers.

“The unions of metalworkers, Fiom Fim and Uilm, have asked in recent days – he concludes – a meeting with the Ministers of Economic Development and Labor to address the crises from household appliances to automotive, from steel to aerospace: strategic sectors for Italy in which thousands of jobs are at risk. It is therefore essential to have a table in which our proposals are the subject of a true confrontation with the Government ”.


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