Dl Support, notification of tax bills and deadlines: news in draft

The terms of payments for tax and non-tax revenues deriving from payment notices issued by collection agents and notices have been suspended until 30 April. This is what a draft of the Dl Sostegno foresees. Instead, the notification returns.

According to the report contained in the draft, starting from 1 March the collection agent will be able to notify the payment notices, which must be paid only once sixty days have elapsed from the end of the suspension period: the debtors will be able to decide whether to fulfill spontaneously. The bills will not generate additional charges nor the collection agent will be able to initiate precautionary and executive actions.

Twenty-six articles and five titles in total: this is the number of rules and chapters contained in a draft of the Dl Sostegni that time.news was able to view. The qualifications cover the five areas of intervention: support for businesses and the economy, work, health and safety, local authorities and other urgent provisions.


Two billion and 100 million for vaccines and the purchase of drugs for the treatment of Covid-19. This is the amount allocated by the Dl Sostegno, foreseen in title three of the provision that contains measures in the field of health and safety. Of the 2.1 billion, reads the text of the draft, 1.4 billion are to be allocated to vaccines and 700 million for the purchase of drugs for the treatment of patients with Covid-19.

The decree also provides for just over 388 million euros to finance the logistics network for the implementation of the vaccine plan, 345 million for the involvement of family doctors in the campaign and 51.6 million for Covid Hospitals, for a total of about 3 billion euros to be allocated to healthcare.


The amount of the new refreshment points cannot exceed 150 thousand or have an amount of less than one thousand euros for individuals and 2,000 euros for individuals other than individuals, provides the draft viewed by time.news.

At the choice of the taxpayer, the contribution can be disbursed as a direct contribution, or recognized in the form of a tax credit that can be used to offset using the F24 form.

The contribution due – reads the explanatory report – was calculated by applying the percentages envisaged for the relative income and remuneration band to the estimated difference between the amount of the turnover and the fees for the two months January / February of the years 2021 and 2019.

And then a non-repayable contribution in favor of activities and VAT numbers with revenues and fees not exceeding 5 million euros in 2019 and the turnover of January and February 2021 is less than two / thirds of the amount of the turnover and the fees thereof. months of 2019.

The amount of the contribution is differentiated on the basis of the percentage difference between the turnover and the fees for the months of January and February 2021 and 2019: 20% for subjects with revenues or remuneration not exceeding 400 thousand euros in the 2019 tax period; 15% for individuals with revenues or fees of 400 thousand euros and up to 1 million euros; 10% for individuals with revenues or fees exceeding 1 million.


Additional funds are coming for local authorities and for local public transport. According to what emerges from the draft of the Dl Sostegno, 1 billion is foreseen for local authorities and 600 million for special autonomies. Resources also to support local and regional public transport for 800 million.

In addition, a budget of 250 million euros for the year 2021, for the partial relief of municipalities in the face of lower revenues deriving from the failure to collect the tourist tax or the landing fee.


According to the draft, the dl ‘Ex Ristori 5’ changes its name once again: it passes from the ‘Sostegno’ decree to the ‘Sostegni’ decree, perhaps to indicate the desire to help all the activities affected by the limitations of the new wave of Covid.


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