DLBI reported data leak of 75% of Russians to the Internet in 2022

DLBI reported data leak of 75% of Russians to the Internet in 2022

In 2022, the data of 75% of Russians leaked to the Internet, Interfax reported, citing experts from the Russian Data Leakage & Breach Intelligence (DLBI) service for intelligence of data leaks and darknet monitoring.

“We can say that last year the data of 75% of all residents of Russia, or 85% of adults (working-age) and older people, was leaked,” said the founder of the service, Ashot Oganesyan.

Service experts analyzed the data leaks of Russian Post, Yandex.Food and Delivery Club services, SDEK, Gemotest, Tutu.ru, Kwork exchange and other companies. According to DLBI, most of the leaks contained user contact details. They also contained passwords and information about the use of various Internet services, the company added.

“After merging the data and clearing it of errors, repetitions, and information not related to Russian users, the total volume of analyzed leaks amounted to 99.8 million unique e-mail addresses and 109.7 million unique phone numbers,” DLBI reported. .

According to Oganesyan, this increase in leaks is mainly due to the large number of attacks by “Ukrainian hacktevists” after the start of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine. “At the same time, many, including the largest Russian companies, rested on their laurels and turned out to be simply not ready to protect their data, which led to such large-scale leaks,” he added.

At the same time, Oganesyan noted that the financial sector was able to cope with hacker attacks and there were “virtually no” data leaks from banks and financial organizations last year.

In December, Roskomnadzor reported that more than 140 personal data leaks had occurred since the start of the special military operation, and more than 600 million records of Russian citizens had been leaked to the network.


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