Dmitry Azarov instructed the regional government to help business

Dmitry Azarov set a task for the regional government to help business representatives get state support measures. And to do it, in the existing conditions, quickly and to the maximum extent.

On Monday, November 8, at an operational meeting in the regional government, the participants discussed measures to support small businesses who work in the region. Governor Dmitry Azarov demanded that relevant departments provide daily data on how actively entrepreneurs are using the measures, and pay close attention to the issue of supporting businessmen, show initiative, and use a proactive approach in working with representatives of affected industries.

– We shouldn’t wait for business to ask for support measures of which the President of the country and the Chairman of the Government speaks. We must reach out to every entrepreneur from the affected industries, help him get the support he needs, explain – after all, not everyone has information. If the entrepreneur has not yet filed an application for state support measures, find out the reason why he has not done so. It is in such a proactive manner that we are obliged to work, – said the governor.

As the head of the region noted, this is an important indicator of the efficiency of the Ministry of Economy, the My Business centers, all institutions for the development and support of entrepreneurship.

– We do not just record how many entrepreneurs have applied, but proactively offer, explain, help to fill out applications. The President has allocated funds, let’s help business as much as possible to draw up the correct documents and get these support measures, ”Dmitry Azarov set the task to the heads of relevant ministries.

Let us recall that in addition to federal measures, there are also mechanisms to support representatives of small and medium-sized businesses at the regional level. All relevant support measures are published on the single portal “MY BUSINESS-63”. The portal contains all the documents accepted at the federal and regional levels, an explanation of the procedure for entrepreneurs to act in the current situation, and answers to frequently asked questions. For all questions, entrepreneurs can contact the hotline 8-800-300-63-63 (daily, seven days a week), as well as the consulting chat in Telegram “Mybusiness_63 chat”.

Help “RG”

The Governor of the Samara Region instructed the members of the regional government to work out a set of additional measures to support business, in addition to the existing ones. He set the task to speed up this process and submit proposals in the coming days.



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