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New Delhi, – BDM and NBCI have clarified that there is no truth in the rumors that money is being stolen from ‘Fast Tag’ through boys begging at ‘traffic’ signal.

‘Smart’ watch

The ‘Fast Tag’ system, which pays ‘digitally’ at customs, was introduced last year. Through the ‘digital sticker’ affixed on the windshield of the vehicle, the customs duty goes from the driver’s account to the government account. The ‘video’ spread on social networking sites that the fraudulent gang had infiltrated the fast-tag practice and stole money. In it, the boy begging at the signal was wearing a ‘smart’ watch. He wipes the windshield of cars parked at the signal and gets paid. When he wiped the glass, he was accused of ‘scanning’ the fast tag, stealing money through a smartwatch in his hand.

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It also said that a large gang was involved in the theft. It has been denied that this information is completely false. It contains misinformation. As it says, fast tag money cannot be stolen through a smart watch. Money can only be obtained through authorized banks and merchants. The fast tag was developed after various rounds of testing. So it is very safe. Thus it is said.



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