Do not reset the umbrellas: the weather forecast for the coming days

The favorable weather that has taken hundreds of thousands of Israelis to nature reserves and parks around the country will remain in our area in the near future when the evening (Saturday) and night will be generally clear. Mists are expected in the northern valleys.

In the first It will be nice, with a slight rise in temperatures and they will be slightly higher than the average for the period, especially in the mountains and inland.

The change in the weather will already take place On Monday When it becomes partly cloudy, with a drop in temperatures. There may be a drizzle until light local rain in the north and center of the country.

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On Tuesday It will be partly cloudy with no significant change, still possible drizzle to light local rain in the north of the country.

Wednesday and Thursday It will remain partly cloudy and no significant change in weather is expected.


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