Do vegetarians fart more than meat eaters? –

More and more people are removing meat from their menu. But something has to replace that. More vegetables, legumes and meat substitutes based on soy is the logical choice. But does that make you fart more?

Nutrition expert Manon Wouters says in Metro that this is indeed the case. “That’s because vegetarians eat more fruits and vegetables.” It contains more fiber. “The dietary fibers from vegetables and fruit are only broken down in the large intestine and gases can form. The more fruit and vegetables your diet contains, the more you fart.”

Don’t worry, a fart is healthy. “If you fart a lot, it means that your intestines are working hard,” says Wouters. “Your waste products have to be removed, so if you hold back a fart, you can get complaints such as fatigue or abdominal cramps. If you fart, it’s a good sign. Your intestines are then active and that is healthy.”

In addition, cutting back on red meat and processed meats is always a good idea, because it reduces the risk of colon cancer. Make sure you get enough omega-3, iron and vitamin B.


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