Do we both know the name of serial actress Vaishna’s new serial? Do you know any TV? Here is the full description.

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One of the top serials on Vijay TV is the Two of Us series. Senthil, the iconic hero of the series, is playing two roles in this series. Vaishnavi plays one of her three younger sisters, Aishwarya.

Although his character was once seen as very important in the series, he does not currently have a major role in the series. In this situation many of the iconic actresses stay away from it if they get bigger opportunities than the serial they are starring in.

Rakshita, who starred in the serial in that genre, has recently pulled out of the serial as she is a comedian in a Kannada film. And for that, Monisha, who is currently starring in the hit TV series Palace Parrot, is currently playing the lead role in the series.

Many iconic actresses like this have gradually risen to the silver screen. In this situation the two of us have got the opportunity to play the lead role in a new serial for Vaishnavi who will be playing the supporting role in the two of us series.


He has signed on to co-star with Vijay in a new serial titled ‘Beranpu’ which will be aired on Zee Tamil TV. It has also been reported that Lakshmi, who will be playing the villain in the Sembaruthi serial, and serial actor Sivakumar will be co-starring in the series.

new serial
new serial

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