Do you drink coffee every day? You may suffer from these symptoms

Do you drink coffee every day?  You may suffer from these symptoms

Bad news for coffee lovers: many effects in our bodies come from consuming coffee on a daily basis, but what happens when the bad effects outweigh the good?

The results of a new study showed that coffee has surprising effects on physical activity levels, when it causes them to move more, taking about 1,000 more steps a day – a significant increase in body activity and another advantage for consuming the favorite drink. However, in the same study, some disadvantages were found in drinking coffee every day.

Decreased sleep hours and increased heart rate

The study showed that people lost about 36 minutes of sleep a night on days when they drank coffee, and the more coffee they drank, the fewer hours they slept.

Also, coffee consumption may increase the heart rate, which is known as premature ventricular contractions. These extra or irregular heartbeats are quite common, and almost everyone experiences them sometimes, but drinking coffee every day can speed up the heart rate and lead to the development of heart failure.


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