Do you know what causes twitching of the eyelids sometimes?

Do you know what causes twitching of the eyelids sometimes?

Where does that shiver or little tremor that suddenly stirs your eye from time to time come from? And should we worry about it? Follow the answer in the following topic.

A slight twitching in one eye is as harmless as it is bothersome to the affected person. A slight twitching of the eyelid that occurs without warning, should not worry you; They are fasciculations, or fasciculations, or fasciculations, or muscle twitching.

Benign anxiety in most cases

Fatigue may be the cause

Taking the form of involuntary contractions of the circular muscle of the eye, the fasciculations are technically caused by nervous excitement. And if many of us suffer from this phenomenon that science has not studied much; Know that it is not as painful as it is benign most of the time. Moreover, it can occur in the calf or lip in the same way.

fatigue, consumption of stimulants (coffee and other caffeinated drinks), and taking certain medications intended to treat mental illness; The potential causes of fasciculations are many and varied. However, doctors often associate this problem with a possible deficiency of the mineral magnesium in the body, which relaxes both the muscles and the nervous system. It also helps reduce stress, which can also be a cause of tremors.

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When should you be concerned about this condition?

When fasciculations are very frequent over a period of more than three months, and cause you to close your eyes and/or come with pain, a professional consultation is necessary; The problem, which is only annoying and embarrassing, may then turn into a blepharospasm, which can be, for example, a sign of a neurological disease. And in that case, never wait; Where it is necessary to follow up with a specialist doctor.

• Source: the French “Top Sante” magazine website.

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