Do you want to arrive? This is how you do it in a healthy way

Do you want to arrive?  This is how you do it in a healthy way

The month of February is all about Mental Health at NSMBL. A subject that is important to everyone. How you feel mentally and physically is boundlessly connected. It is therefore very important that you feel good in your body. Every body is different, has different shapes, powers, ailments and peculiarities. A good start for mental health is therefore to learn to love your body and learn what it needs. Does your body need a few extra pounds? Then these 7 tips could help you do that in a healthy way.

From extra kcalos to extra kilos

If you don’t feel quite right in your body yet, it may be that your body is at a different weight than it should be to function optimally. If you are heavier than is good for you, you can have unpleasant consequences, but this also applies if you have few kilos on your bones.

If you want to gain weight, it can be tempting to eat everything you can eat and forget about that sports schedule for a while. However, that is certainly not a healthy way to gain weight. With these 7 tips you will gain weight in a healthy way.

1. Keep a food diary

By keeping track of what you eat you gain insight into how many nutrients you really get. This way you can also see what you are missing or could use something extra. If you like to take it seriously, talk to a dietician to make a plan of action.

2. Eat more times a day

Eating six small meals a day – instead of three larger meals – is an easy way to get more calories.

3. Drink at the right times

Drinking is super important. Not only for the functioning of your body and for the promotion of the intestinal system, but also to prevent wrinkles. Besides the fact that drinking your water this way is important for your skin, the timing can also mean something for your weight. If you drink just before a meal, you may have less appetite. It may therefore be better to hydrate during a meal or 30 minutes after you eat.

4. Slurp your calories

Besides the fact that you have to drink enough, at the right time and in the right way, it can also be useful to drink the right thing – in addition to water. Switch from coffee, tea and light soft drinks to juices, smoothies with milk, protein, fruit, vegetables or milk (or the famous varieties of peas, oats, coconut and almond). This way you get some extra nutrients and calories without any effort.

5. Stop grease valves

Don’t be tempted to go to the snack bar every day. No matter how happy that can make you, your body will eventually start crying. There is a big difference in the type of calories from croquettes, chips, viandellen, cheese soufles and those in vegetables, fruit, dairy products, nuts and fish. You can probably already guess which of the two you need.

6. Decorate your meals

Life is a party, but you have to hang the garlands yourself. The same goes for your meals, of course. By decorating your soups, salads, yogurt and other meals with some tasty (and beautiful) toppings, it can be fun, tasty and easy to get extra nutrients, calories and fats. For example, go for some extra cream and croutons on your soup, avocados, fruit or cheese on your salad and nuts and dark chocolate on your yogurt bowl. Tell yourself, doesn’t sound like a punishment, does it?

7. Train your muscles

Yes – even if you want to gain weight, it is important to exercise. As logical as it may sound to exercise less because you burn less energy, it is so counterproductive in reality. By working up a sweat a few times a week, you will build muscle and gain an extra appetite. Win win.

NB! (Sudden) weight loss can have many different causes. If you are struggling with your weight or health, it is important to consult your doctor. From there you can be helped or forwarded to the right person.

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Do you want to arrive? This is how you do it in a healthy way


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