Do you want to get rid of your extra weight? Learn the best diet to achieve this

newspaper observatory : revealed study that better method to keep on me your weight low he is following system food low carbohydrates, According for magazine “BMJ”.

and studied Researchers Weight 164 person suffer From a plus in weight and obesity ، It was on me All participant that lose 12 ٪ From weight Present then following system food high and average and low carbohydrates for 20 week.

did Researchers watching Quantity calories Thermal that eat them until Manage Participants From maintain on me same weight throughout a period the study if Fraud Weight poster Complete Modify calories Thermal that eating it.

is found the team that calories Thermal not all of which similar and that the system food from the Effect big on me proces the acting food .

did Participants burning Toward250 price thermal Additional in today comparison with those Whose follow system nutritionally high carbohydrates .

References Results to me that restriction Quantity carbohydrates may be be strategy better From reduction Quantity calories Thermal

Although that, confirmed some experts that Activities not Measured Can that explain variance between Participants.


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