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The actor, 29, plays Lorenzo Lazzarini: the character dies unexpectedly at the beginning of the second season of the Rai1 series with Luca Argentero and Matilde Gioli. Yesterday the program was the most popular of the prime time, with 7,054,000 spectators and a 30.4% share

His death came unexpectedly, just at the restart of the second season, last night. Lorenzo Lazzarini, the character played by Gianmarco Saurino in “Doc – In your hands”
(with Luca Argentero and Matilde Gioli, broadcast on Thursday on Rai1 and yesterday the most popular program of the first evening, with 7,054,000 spectators and 30.4% share), he is the first doctor of a TV series to die of Covid. “Showing what has happened to so many doctors and health professionals in such recent times and in a popular series like ours is a huge responsibility that I feel to the core,” admits the actor. However, adding that the choice to do so “stems from the desire to pay them a small tribute”.

How does it feel to be the protagonist of a medical series during the pandemic?

“It has a gigantic impact. The first season was released during the first lockdown, a time when doctors were talked about as heroes. There, we all started to feel the weight of that gown. But then those heroes were also sent to the front line, to die, in fact. The representation of those sacrifices in the name of Covid has become even more meaningful “.

Aren’t you afraid that someone might find it cynical to exploit such a current drama narratively?

“No. Maybe there will be criticism, but the intent is really pure. It was right to remember all the health workers that there are no longer in this country. This thing happened and we mustn’t forget that they were there and fell down so that we could feel safe enough. It has happened and it still happens ».

Do you think that even a TV series can convince those who are still skeptical about the extent of this drama?

«I hope so, even if I think it is unlikely that it will change the minds of those who believe it is all a fiction. A position that makes me angry, because by now anyone can say things that are even so delicate and are also influences. Grotesque. So what I think is that our series, more than anything else, will show a lot of people what happened inside the hospitals, because we tried to show it as faithfully as possible. Those images gave me goosebumps. If in the first season we tried to make doctors understand what they experience, beyond appearances, in this season the attempt was to show how they move in such a dramatic historical period. After that, whoever sees evil in anything will even see it in “Doc” ».

Why did you choose to leave such a successful series for the second season?

“There was a communion of purpose. After many years of working in the LuxVide and Rai series, to which I owe everything, I wanted to start a different path. I think of the cinema, above all. After that it’s a gamble for both me and them, who have chosen to take out one of the main characters in this way. I’m leaving like Lippi after Italy won the World Cup ».

How did your life change after playing a beloved character?

“People recognize me by identifying with him, all the time. The thing that struck me the most, however, are the many letters from medical specialists they wrote to me thanking me and the other actors for having resolved their doubts – natural after so many years of study – seeing represented as normal insecurities and anxieties that maybe only they believed. To me this thing makes a great impression: I pretend, but they will really do this job. It’s magic ».

So what will you do, once this commitment is over?

«Simultaneously with Doc I have to turn Summit Fever, a small international film. Then I finished filming Travelers, by Ludovico Di Martino, a fantasy for which I gained twelve kilos. In parallel, I want to resume the theater after the years of detention for the pandemic. I had given myself the age of thirty to stage Shakespeare for the first time ».

He will do them this year …

«Yes, but in December, I have time. And I already plan I have a Othello, so if all goes well I should do it ».

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