Doctor advised sex for coronavirus to get better faster

The main thing is not to overdo it.

Doctor-sexologist Andrei Lychagin announced the benefits of sex for patients with COVID-19, provided that their well-being allows them to have such a pastime.

In an interview with, the specialist emphasized that having sex strengthens the immune system due to the production of useful hormones, and therefore contributes to recovery. He explained that during lovemaking, oxytocin is produced, which “contributes to both mood elevation and a sense of attachment” to a partner.

“Dopamine and serotonin are also produced,” the doctor added. “This all has a beneficial effect on immunity.”

At the same time, the sexologist emphasized that when using this method of “therapy”, one should carefully monitor the state of health and not overload the body.

Earlier, sexologist Elena Malakhova advised Russians to be careful with love joys during vaccination against coronavirus. According to her, since there are unpleasant side effects after vaccination, it is worth postponing “acrobatic poses” until later and giving preference to a more relaxed format of intimacy.

However, sometimes doctors speak out on this issue more categorically and even argue that sex, like alcohol, is excluded after vaccination.

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