“Doctor Manoon” revealed that he found the second coviral infection 19 days apart. The symptoms were more severe than the first.

“Doctor Manoon” reveals the second case of coviral infection, only 19 days apart. The symptoms are more severe than the first. Even though the booster vaccination Expected to be infected on the plane while taking off the mask to eat food.

On August 5, 65, Dr. Manoon Leechawengwong, a respiratory specialist at Vichaiyut Hospital, posted a message via the page of Dr. Manoon Leechawengwong FC, saying that the Covid-19 virus has been infected for the second time. 19 days apart. A 67-year-old Thai male patient came to the hospital with fever, cough, and sputum 10 days. History of traveling to Italy. Boarded the plane on June 20, 2022 after arriving in Italy for 4 days. On June 24, he began to have symptoms of fever, cough, sputum. ATK test was positive. Wife who went with him. They had similar symptoms and the ATK test gave the same positive results. symptoms improved, healed Returned to Thailand on 9 July. After 4 days back to Bangkok, on 13 July, she started having symptoms like fever, coughing and sputum again. ATK self-test gave negative results. Antibiotics did not improve. The patient had fever, cough, and sputum continued for 10 days. Getting tired The patient had already been treated for lymphoma. Stopped all medications for 5 years, received 2 doses of AstraZeneca and boosted with 1 dose of Pfizer vaccine. Physical examination. Fever temperature 39.5 degrees Celsius. Listening to lung abnormalities on both sides. Lung X-ray with more white patches on the left lung. Right (see figure) fingertip oxygen level slightly low 94 ATK and RT-PCR test SARS-CoV2 positive, RdRp/N-gene (CT Value) 17.4 Respiratory virus and bacteria PCR panel tested, no viruses and bacteria were detected. Others that cause pneumonia Tuberculosis was not detected.

Diagnosed with pneumonia caused by COVID-19 II, 5 days of remdesivir injection and intravenous steroids, patient improved, fever decreased, cough decreased, no fatigue, lung x-ray better stop using oxygen Blood oxygen levels returned to normal. The patient has contracted the coronavirus twice, just 19 days apart, believed to have been infected with different strains during the flight both on and off. Because when eating in the plane, you have to take off the mask. The second infection was more severe than the first infection. Although the patient has received 3 doses of the vaccine, the patient may have poor immunity. because he had been sick with lymphoma Even after being cured for 5 years

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