Doctor Nithipat reveals information about COVID-19 patients Still not giving up as easily as he had hoped.

An adequate way to indirectly boost his immunity while awaiting future vaccines. is to help reduce infection from adults to children, especially from family members. Where are the houses with young children and the elderly? Family members must receive all vaccinations as recommended. Set your card high, be careful with yourself. Protect young children, pregnant women and the elderly from traveling and meeting as many family and friends as possible during these perilous twenty days.

Another concern is the pregnant woman. If all vaccinations are complete, most symptoms are mild. Different from the Delta period where mothers still have less vaccinations. But the question that is still waiting to be answered is and the baby born after the mother has recovered Will be affected or not, a team of researchers from Germany. The symptoms and fetal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) were monitored by 34 mothers aged 24-40 weeks gestation.COVID-infectedbut has few symptoms, does not require hospitalization All of them were able to get pregnant until they gave birth normally. It was found that the growth of the baby’s lungs compared to the whole body was observed. There was a decrease in size in people who were infected compared to normal people who were pregnant during the same period. A greater reduction was seen in older mothers than in younger mothers at the time of infection. But every baby born None of these cases developed postnatal respiratory distress, and it is unknown whether this applies to the omicron range. As for the long-term effects when the child grows up The development of their lungs and other parts of the body will likely continue to be monitored (click)

Today, the people of the city are in danger from covids. The trend is down. But the danger of tiny dust is very high. At dawn, the neighborhood rose to a level of 180 micrograms per cubic meter. or maroon, almost brown according to international standards Normal people will be bad soon. As for the fragile group, don’t mention it. Be careful. Don’t go out in the open If necessary, wear a double mask or if using an N95 mask.

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Doctor Nithipat reveals information about COVID-19 patients  Still not giving up as easily as he had hoped.


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