Doctor: This is the best nut butter for your health

Doctor: This is the best nut butter for your health

Sunday – 16 Muharram 1444 AH – 14 August 2022 AD

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Gut health expert Dr. Megan Rossi (known as The Gut Health Doctor on Instagram), author of the award-winning How To Eat More Plants, revealed that mixed nut butters may be the best option for health, according to what was published by the “mbgfood” website. the health.
Gone are the days of the classic peanut butter and jam sandwich, thanks to the evolution of nut butters over the past few years. Not only do we tend to use alternative nut butters (like nut or cashews), but additional fillers, emulsifiers, sugars, and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils are becoming less common as well. However, the question remains: Which nut butter is the healthiest?
Before we reveal the best nut butter, Rossi explains, let us offer a simple reminder that what you pair with nut butter also plays an enhancing role for your snack. Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate nut butters into your diet:
Dip the apple slices in the butter
Sprinkle oatmeal over it
Add 1 tablespoon of it to your smoothie
Fill celery juice with butter
Now, for which butter to choose? According to Rossi, “Try to have a variety of nuts in your nut butter if possible. That’s right, it’s the best nut butter for your health. “This makes sense since different nuts offer different health benefits: walnuts, for example, are full of omega-3s, while cashews are full of magnesium and copper.”
Rossi is a pioneer in introducing a variety of plants into the diet in general; So it makes sense to suggest mixed nut butters, “more diverse flora means more diverse gut bacteria, which means a more diverse set of skills that bacteria can offer our bodies in terms of hormonal production, metabolism, mental health characteristics, etc.”
And which nuts to prioritize, Rossi recommends butter, which contains cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts and peanuts. She explains, “If you’re looking to shop now, some of our favorite mixed nut butters include Trader Joe’s Mixed Nut Butter and Nuttzo Organic Power Fuel Crunchy Nut Butter. Both options contain a blend of nuts to provide you with a wide range of nutrients, rather than sticking to one nutrient type.”

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