Does a new movie cause the next storm around the Vineyard? • Radio Haifa 107.5

Does a new movie cause the next storm around the Vineyard?  • Radio Haifa 107.5

A demonstration against a conference of Beit Hagafen. In the center: MK Almog Cohen Photography: Omar Moser

A film that will be screened at Beit Hagafen next Thursday is now provoking opposition and calls for the denial of budgets from the municipal corporation and even its closure.

After the protest by a member of Knesset and bereaved families and the demonstration against the Palestinian cultural event held at Beit Hagafen about two months ago, an organization in Tselmo is now demanding that Mayor Einat Kalish and Minister of Culture Miki Zohar act to deny budgets from the municipal corporation, which it calls a “wasps’ nest.”

Next Thursday (2.2.23) Beit Hagafen plans to screen the “Loot Film” by filmmaker Karnit Mendel, which reveals materials that the IDF collected from the PLO Research Center in 1982, during the Second Lebanon War in Beirut.

“Already in the name of the movie ‘Loot’ it implies that the IDF committed looting and took loot that it was not supposed to take,” wrote Betselmo CEO Shay Glick in a letter sent to the mayor and minister of culture. “The figures are of course completely the opposite. The IDF is at war against people who try and unfortunately also succeed in murdering women and children. The IDF raids the terrorist headquarters and takes materials with the sole purpose of finding more terrorists and stopping the terror monster.”

Glick quoted from Mandel’s interview with the media in which she said that “In the materials I saw I also found proof of the Khan Yunis massacre. Thus these are materials of historical importance.” According to him, “of course these are lies and blood plots from the blood plots of the movie Genin Genin, Farha (Netflix), Jews slaughter Christians and put their blood in matzoh, Jews poison wells, etc.”

Due to the screening of the film and due to other events that took place at Beit Hagafen, Glick demands that the place be closed, that funding from taxpayers’ money be stopped, and that an inspection committee be established to examine whether the place is worthy of receiving public funds, that CEO Assaf Ron, “who is responsible for the Palestinian spirit in the place,” be fired, and instead establish A new body that encourages Zionist and national culture.

In an email distributed by Assaf Ron, CEO of Beit Hagafen, to a number of people including council members and the mayor, he quoted an email distributed by Glick: “‘Once again an anti-Israel incident at Beit Hagafen. This time a film called ‘Spoils’ about a massacre by IDF soldiers of innocent Palestinians of course.’ This is how Shay Glick presents the film that will be screened at Beit Hagafen next week, and screened on Channel 8, Hot.

“It is clear that Mr. Glick did not bother to watch the film. The only correct fact in the ‘subject’ line of this email (which I quoted) is the name of the movie. Highly recommend watching it before commenting. worthwhile. can prevent embarrassment from the respondents”.

The response of the Municipality of Haifa and the Ministry of Culture will be attached when received.


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