Does Apple offer a smart screen similar to the iPad… Details

Does Apple offer a smart screen similar to the iPad… Details

(MENAFN- Youm7) Apple is working on a whole new set of smart home devices, at least according to a report from Bloomberg. In addition to relaunching the very similar but Matter-equipped original HomePod, Apple appears to be delving deeper into the home space with a smaller screen akin to Google’s Nest Hub or Amazon’s Echo Show.

According to sources close to the discussions, the device will be similar to the iPad but less expensive, geared toward home use, and will include magnets for mounting.

The device appears to be more limited in range than the iPad, and will primarily be used for FaceTime chats, as well as controlling other smart home devices.

She continued: ‘We hope to solve the multi-user issue that is causing existing iPads to have problems using Home Control.

There have also been talks about larger smart home screens.

It appears that Apple is exploring updating the Apple TV with a faster processor for the first half of 2024, but the device will not support 8k. According to the source, it seems that the combined HomePod / Apple TV project has also suffered setbacks but is still in progress.

Smart displays are still a very long way away and won’t launch until early next year or maybe later.


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