Domestic violence affects many Catholic families

They should train philanthropists to help families affected by domestic violence – American Psychiatrist Christauria Welland

Mary Teresa: Vatican

Christauria Welland, a U.S. psychologist attending the Tenth World Conference on Families, urges you to realize this fact and help build healthy families, as domestic violence affects millions of Catholic families throughout their lives.

Speaking at the 10th World Families Conference in the Vatican this evening, June 22, Christauria Welland cited a statistic that nearly 30 percent of women worldwide are victims of domestic violence.

Based on these figures, Christauria Welland, who recorded her views at the conference, noted that approximately 12 million 50 million Catholic women have been subjected to physical or sexual violence at least once in their lifetime.

Dr. Christauria Welland, a cryptocurrency teacher, told Vatican News that the Covit-19 epidemic was exacerbating family crisis and worsening domestic violence.

Christauria Welland urges victims to deeply believe that God loves them and to train their philanthropists to help such families.


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