Domitilla Mattei, the snowborder stylist who thinks about the environment – The novelty of the year will be i men’s swimwear made with plastic bottles recovered from the Mediterranean Sea, which will enrich the women’s collection, all natural fibers and recycled fabrics from production leftovers. There is a lot of ecological passion behind the marchio “Souldaze” (literally, from the English, “stunning of the soul”) name chosen by the designer Domitilla Mattei, 36 years old “thinking above all of inner well-being” as he tells “ensured by clothes made with a low environmental impact”.

If organic cotton, linen and wool are zero kilometer, recovered in the capital and sold, as well as online, in a showroom in Parioli, Mattei is instead a citizen of the world, as well as a woman of many talents. Before dedicating herself to Souldaze she had a brand specialized in women’s costumes, but she was born as an interior decorator and continues to associate her work as a designer with that of a snowboard teacher, in Switzerland, in Verbier: “My love for nature comes from my sporting passion”He tells da Verbier, which unlike local ski resorts this year has regularly opened its lifts (keeping restaurants and refuges closed, however).

© Domitilla Mattei

“Snowboarding is my dispenser of well-being, a caress for the soul that I transfer to my collections”. Mattei, who a few years ago also designed, in a limited edition, a collection for Chiara Ferragni’s The Blonde Salad, has declined his ‘Souldaze’ brand, founded six years ago, in versatile casual-elegant creations “that can be worn by everyone. the hours of the day, from the office, to aperitifs to evenings, and now in the era of pandemics and smart working, in conference calls “.

The summer collection focuses on complete jackets and trousers (or skirts) rigorously in natural and recycled fabrics, in shades of white, green, sage “designed to last, without ever becoming boring, with something extra”. Prices too, he clarifies, are in line with the brand’s philosophy, “With a maximum of 350 euros for a wool and cashmere coat”. The designer-snowborder lover of the outdoors did not bend to homewear, a fashionable categorical imperative dictated by the pandemic season. But he’s starting to toy with the idea of ​​a yoga line instead. To better caress the soul.



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