Donald Trump faces at least one criminal charge

Donald Trump faces at least one criminal charge

When former US President Donald Trump appears in court on April 4, at least one of the charges will be related to a criminal case. The Associated Press reported about it. At the moment, the conclusion of the charges against Trump has not been officially announced, but the CNN channel, based on its sources, wrote that the ex-president will be charged with more than 30 charges related to business fraud.

On Thursday, March 30, a grand jury convened by the Manhattan district attorney agreed to approve an indictment against Trump for giving $130,000 to a porn actress “for keeping quiet.” It has not yet been announced how the trial will proceed, but if the former president is arrested, he may appear in the courtroom in handcuffs.

This is the first time in US history that a head of state has been charged with a crime. Donald Trump himself described the jury’s decision as “an historic level of election interference and political harassment.”

Trump, who is again running for the presidency of the United States from the Republican party, has been charged with such charges, but it should not prevent him from conducting the election campaign. This is not prohibited by American law.

Donald Trump is currently the subject of two more investigations that could result in criminal charges.

The federal prosecutor’s office is investigating the discovery of classified documents released from the White House at his home in Florida. The district attorney of Georgia is investigating whether Trump tried to influence the presidential election in that region.

There are dozens of civil lawsuits filed against Trump himself and his company.


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