Donald Trump, Secret Documents in Donald Trump’s Luxury Bungalow – FBI Information! – top secret documents recovered in fbi raid on trump home

FBI officials have informed that secret documents are trapped in the luxury bungalow of former US President Donald Trump.

On the 8th, FBI officials conducted a surprise raid on the bungalow owned by former US President Donald Trump. He owns an estate called Mar-a-Lago in Florida. After Donald Trump’s defeat in the last presidential election, there was a complaint that when he left the White House, he carried secret documents in a box and kept the men in a bungalow on the estate.

Donald Trump’s estate was reportedly raided to find the classified documents. While Donald Trump had strongly condemned the test, he had also expressed his full support for the test.

In this situation, the FBI said that secret documents have been seized from Donald Trump’s estate. Officials have informed. FBI to provide details of search warrant, seizure of documents Officials have filed in court. After a court granted permission to sever the sealed envelope, a Florida judge did so.
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Officials have said that confidential documents that can only be controlled by the government have been seized from Donald Trump’s estate and information about the French president has also been seized. Apart from that, “Washington Post” has reported that secret documents related to nuclear weapons were also seized in the raid.


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