Donations to abortion supporters in the US are skyrocketing

People march through downtown Los Angeles to protest the Supreme Court ruling on abortion.
Image: dpa

According to their own statements, organizations that support women with abortions are recording an increase in donations. Within 24 hours of the Supreme Court ruling, the amounts had risen sharply – mainly thanks to new donors.

Nfter the US abortion ruling, donations to organizations that help women with abortions have skyrocketed. The organization Planned Parenthood (planned parenthood) said on Saturday the news agency AFP that 40 times more donations were received within 24 hours than usual in one day.

More than half of the money came from new donors, Vice President Kelley Robinson said. She expressed her belief that opposition to the court decision and support for her family planning organization will continue. “This is just the beginning, we will not give up,” said Robinson.

The Supreme Court on Friday overturned the 1973 abortion landmark ruling dubbed Roe v. Wade” had made history. This means that the individual states are now free to allow, restrict or ban abortion altogether.

At least eight conservative-governed states immediately imposed abortion bans. At the same time, there were protests in countless cities against the judges’ decision.


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