Don’t Say Bike Insurance Say Hoomu

Don’t Say Bike Insurance Say Hoomu

The innovative Spanish company that is revolutionizing bicycle insurance is called Hoomu, it offers an annual price of less than €15 and the best coverage so that when you go out on a bike you only worry about enjoying yourself.

The use of the bicycle increases every day in Spain. Both for work trips in the cities and to enjoy the weekend with one of the healthiest and most comforting sports. And it is that riding a bicycle is a dream when we are little. Really, it should never stop being a pleasant experience and away from worries.

However, we must consider the dangers of the city for those who travel by bike. In our country, last year there were almost 8,000 cyclist accidents with another vehicle or pedestrian.

In addition, something that worries those who use a high-value bicycle above all is the risk of theft, both at a destination and at home. These situations end up being a headache for those who bet on this mode of sustainable transport and full of possibilities.

In addition, those who use the bicycle to enjoy their favorite mountains, a walk through the city or the tranquility of the countryside in their leisure time, want to do so with the security of being protected in the event of a fall, breakdown or any other unforeseen that may arise. Did you know that 10% of accidents require hospitalization or transfer, with the cost that this entails for the person affected?

That is why Hoomu has created a unique and comprehensive Insurance for all who use the bicycle. For only €14, it offers assistance, medical services, legal services and everything you may need when your bike ride goes wrong or a friend of strangers makes your bike disappear.

Hoomu offers security for you and your bike, in addition to launching its flexible product so that you only pay when you really need insurance. Only when you use the bike. An all-risk protection that is calculated based on your bike and its use, so you don’t overpay and enjoy all the coverages. In addition, you can activate it at any time from your mobile device. From 80 cents a day, less than the cost of a coffee. Do you need more reasons to hire him?

In its mission to offer a comprehensive service and protect the cyclist, Hoomu has an extensive network of workshops where you can find discounts, carry out a free annual review of your bike or find out about the options offered by workshops near you.

For all this and for his experience in the world of cycling, Hoomu is the ideal option for you to ride calm and safe. So that you only have to worry about enjoying yourself on the bike. They are the ones who care about you and take care of your bike.

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