‘Don’t take the light, you heard’..! Kollam is another level! Mukesh shared the viral video

With the news that mining has started in Kollam under the sea, after the news that mining has started, the social media is full of trolls.. The troll that got attention was the troll video that included actor Mukesh’s movie dialogue. Mukesh has come to say that the oil of Kollam.. is only for Kollam.

The dialogue from his movie Kakakuil has been added to this news.. Mukesh’s dialogue saying that you don’t know anything about the character of Kollam.. Trolls and social media are making a celebration of the video that was released along with the news.. After Mukesh shared this video, many people are coming to Facebook with comments. coming under. VK Prashanth has interestingly asked if Ichiri will be delivered to our Thiruvananthapuram. Dut Kalaki Mukeshetta..

How many years has it been since Kakakuil was launched.. and that year’s dialogue is now.. Ineeppa.. If there is a commodity in the sea, can petrol be made at 50 rupees? A sea full of boiling oil…all the fish in it fried fish…not a single piece…those who made fun of Kollam people have all blinked away…when you get it, won’t you forget the people of Palakkad who have no sea..the comments go on like this.

At the same time, with the indication of the presence of fuel under the sea in Kollam, mining has also started. It is said that Kerala will become a Kubera puri in discovery. Preparations have started for fuel exploration in 20 nautical miles deep sea at Kollam. If the presence of fuel is found in the expedition, the Kollam port will have a huge advantage.

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