Doping on the rise among tug-of-war athletes; By Sales Agents – Tug of war | Drug Abuse

Thiruvananthapuram: Athletes using Mephentramine Sulphate as a stimulant prescribed by doctors for people with low blood pressure. Detection of increased use of mephentramine sulfate among tug-of-war competitors. Medicines priced at Rs 390 are bought and sold by agents up to Rs 1500. It is reported that Mephentramin is reaching Kerala across Tamil Nadu border.

After a tug-of-war star was caught by the police with a medicine that could be used by 3500 people at once, fans protested on social media. Following this, the State Tug of War Association announced a lifetime ban on teams using the drug. But there is no system in the courts to detect drug use.

The use of the drug has also extended to the general public who engage in strenuous physical activity. Mephentramine sulfate is not included in the list of narcotic drugs, but these drugs have harmful effects on health.

English Summary: Drug use among Tug of war players


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