Doria Tillier, the godmother of the Cannes Film Festival who makes fun of Monica Bellucci-

Miss Météo. A comic version meteorina. Doria Tillier is the godmother of the Cannes Film Festival 2021: after the opening ceremony, she will be on stage again on Saturday to lead the closing evening. Double soul. On the one hand, Parisian with a high profile, one of those that shocks her everything, a mathematician and academic father, a painting restorer mother. On the other stage animal who lends her lanky five-foot-long body to extravagant characters who say terrible things.

Being the center of attention is an attitude which she developed from an early age: «I have always been attracted to everything that is entertainment, show. School plays have always captured my desire to be there. When I went to the circus, I wanted to be part of the circus. When I went to the theater, I wanted to be part of the show ». In high school he had fun with his friends imitating teachers, spent his afternoons playing phone pranks, and often went to the movies. At 19 she worked as a waitress: «Growing up I had fantasized that acting was an unattainable profession. I said to myself: or Sophie Marceau or nothing. But in the cafe where I worked I met a lot of people from the cinema, and I ended up telling myself that after all they had made it … ». It was the comic actors who made her understand that life should be told with the colors of comedy: “I love Jim Carrey e Robin Williams, which came from stand-up comedy and did a lot of imitations, even very unscrupulous. I also love Ricky Gervais for the way it deals with issues that are taboo like death, suicide and sexuality. And the fun part is saying certain things in front of people who might find them offensive and be able to convert them. ”

Doria Tillier (35 years old) became famous thanks to The Grand Journal, tv program in which he announced in his own way – ironic and irreverent – the weather forecast, making fun of the glamor of actresses like Monica Bellucci and Marion Cotillard in her imitations. Then his career took off, with a starring role in the cinema in the satirical-sentimental comedy A love above the righand, and with a series of sketches on her Peepee Malone Show, in which she plays a neurotic journalist in the #MeToo era. In this world – as happens to many, even those who do not want to say it – he does not feel so at ease: «I do not particularly recognize myself in the behaviors and codes of my generation. The omnipotence of the Internet and hyperconnection worry me; social media reduce expression, thought and art; existence on Instagram seems like a lie to me. I don’t know what people my age 20 or 50 years ago were talking about, but I have the impression that it was better before ».

Back to the Festival, the place of his crime: «If I could relive a moment in my life it would be the premiere of my film spent in Cannes. I was so excited that I don’t remember anything. I would like to have that moment back to savor it ». Ironic and nostalgic, great admiration for Fanny Ardant (“she is an inspirer”), she is a comedian with a romantic heart: “Love moves everything; whatever we do, in the end the goal is always the same: to be loved».

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