Doron Rekha from “Kohav Nold” is making a comeback

The fifth season of “Kohav Nold” gave birth to big stars like Marina Maximilian, Chen Aharoni and Boaz Ma’oda, and also exposed us to several singers with huge voices who impressed with their performances on the show but have pretty much disappeared since then. one of them is Doron is a pharmacist. On Saturday night, in the new episode of the auditions of “The next star”, a pharmacist will return to the spotlight in the hope of lifting the screen – and will also tell us what has happened to him since the days of “A star is born”.

The year: 2007. A pharmacist, then 21 years old from Bat Yam, came to the audition in front of the judges Zvika Hadar, Margol, Tsadi Zarfati, Gal Ohovsky and Zvika Pick. “I’ve been playing since I was little and in the last three years I started singing,” he said before the audition, “My dream is to release my songs and move the entire nation of Israel.” At the audition Rokha performed Shem Tov Levy’s “Come back to your home”, maybe it was the excitement of the status or the lack of experience on stage, but the judges were not sure about him and asked him to also sing the audition song, “It’s hard for me not to get excited”.

At the end of the performance, the judges already knew his place in the program. “You sing beautifully, you’re professional and there’s something exciting about you. I’m in your favor,” Praghan Sarfati said. Margul added, “You’re terribly touching, terribly touchy. You make Davinim with a voice like Shlomi Shabbat.” The maestro concluded: “You pleasantly surprised me. At first you were hesitant, you could hardly breathe, you could hardly stand, but you made a great sound from that throat.”

The performance that got Rokh into the team was the song “If there is heaven”. Even before that, he told the judges that he was a surfer and spoke candidly about his appearance. “It’s strange for people to see me surfing, because of my appearance,” said a pharmacist, “even when they hear me sing, they say: ‘Your voice doesn’t fit your body.'” At the end of the performance he received compliments (Margol: “Fantastic singer, vocally excellent, tremendous voice”, Pick: “One of the most exciting people we’ve ever met”), and on the day of the announcements he was informed that he was on the team.

Throughout the season, Rokah won the love of the audience and the judges thanks to several great performances, such as “Gathered Tishrei” – a tribute to the maestro, who for the first time agreed to break distance and removed his sunglasses in his honor. More at Arsenal: “We used to make love” and of course “The years have already passed”, his performance which received the most laudatory reviews from the judges.

Rokah performed a number of duets this season: “Cage of Gold” with Alisa Sperga, “It’s All the Magic” with Sivan Gurialshvili and “It’s Time to Forgive” with Miriam Toukan, but the masterful duet that is returned to again and again to this day is “Swear”, which he performed with Marina Maximilian.

Rokah’s path in the competition ended just before the final – in the semi-final he performed “Back to your home” and “One line per day” and fought for a ticket to the final alongside Maoda and Shlomi Barel. A pharmacist finished in third place in this semi-final, and said goodbye to the show. “It was the most tremendous experience I’ve had in my life,” he said just before he got off the stage, “I met people here who are so amazing that you can’t describe them.”

In the first years after “A Star Is Born”, Rochak returned to his former life and worked as a singing waiter. “Waking up the next morning and knowing that there are no rehearsals and nothing, is like receiving a blow to the brain,” he said, “suddenly there is nothing on the head. Three crazy months of intoxication, intense pressure and worry from all directions ended surprisingly quickly.”

A year after the end of the program, he married his partner, Moran Itzhaki, and tattooed on him the musical notes from the song “Huft Chai” performed by his friend Daniel Ben Haim at the wedding. In 2011 Rokh released the single “What you ask”, but his musical career did not take off. However, he has not stopped singing since then and he performs in clubs and private events.

After Niv Demiral and Uri Shakib, it’s Rokah’s moment to return to the front of the stage and fight for a place in the team of “The Next Star”. Will he be able to lift the screen?


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