Doskozil shows anti-short demo “Thumbs up” – Vienna

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Thousands of Viennese protested in front of the ÖVP headquarters and the Chancellery on Thursday evening. There is a thumbs up from the head of the country, Doskozil

In the city of Vienna there is a touch of Ibiza in the air. Almost all of the current topics are on the back burner, the Ballhausplatz is besieged by journalists and television teams. “If the allegations are correct, then Ibiza is a small island in the Mediterranean by comparison,” said star political scientist Peter Filzmaier in the “ZIB 2”.

All news about the government crisis here in the live ticker >>

The opposition parties are unanimously calling for the Chancellor to resign, and even the Greens seem to have crossed a line. Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler said on Thursday that “the Federal Chancellor’s ability to act is called into question against this background.” All parties are currently discussing how to proceed.

The SPÖ meets as part of a presidium meeting in the parliamentary club, to which Burgenland boss Hans Peter Doskozil also appeared surprisingly. The ÖVP governors all made a pilgrimage to Vienna and are currently holding a crisis meeting in the Political Academy. But everything depends on the Greens: will they continue the coalition? Are you striving for a concentration government with SPÖ, NEOS and FPÖ? Or is it even possible to have a “progressive alliance” left of the center with the tolerance of the FPÖ?

“Basti off in prison”

Even at the demonstration that has taken place in the meantime, no unanimous opinion can be established on these questions. In any case, they all agree on one demand: “Down with the ÖVP”, as echoed through Lichtenfelsgasse. The initiative came from the SPÖ apron organizations and the LINKS alliance, and the supporting program includes speeches and music.

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Signs of the participants say “Lies have SHORT legs”, demand “Basti from prison” or demonstrators even disguise themselves as Häfnbrothers. As after the unveiling of the Ibiza video, the mood is not particularly heated, but rather exuberant. Beer is drunk and chatted with each other, the speeches are only given full attention in isolated cases.

Doskozil is favored

A few hundred arrive afterwards – from around 8 p.m. – at Ballhausplatz. In the immediate vicinity, Hans Peter Doskozil took part as a surprise guest at a presidium meeting in the SPÖ parliamentary club. On the way back, around 9 p.m., he had to pass the demonstrators to his parked BMW. Grinning, he showed the anti-short demo his thumbs up – and amused the network.

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