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twelve o’clock, July 2, 2021 – 3:35 pm

Thirteen evenings of arthouse films, music and meetings from Monday 12th to Friday 30th July

Thirteen evenings of arthouse films, music and meetings: from Monday 12 to Friday 30 July (weekends excluded), Doppio Sogno, 21st edition, is back, the film, music and meetings festival curated by the Teatro Stabile d’In Tecnologia Galleria Toledo, directed by Laura Angiulli, at the gardens of Villa Pignatelli (Riviera di Chiaia 200, Naples). A project curated by Lavinia D’Elia, Lorenza Pensato and Rosario Squillace, created in collaboration with the Campania Regional Museum Directorate, directed by Marta Ragozzino, and with Villa Pignatelli, directed by Fernanda Capobianco.

(ph Imma Di Lillo)

With the subtitle “The Bleep. Scenarios from the kingdom of desire ”, this year the event offers a reflection on the contradictions of the human being, with a look at the limits, responsibilities and perspectives of individuals. In the rich film billboard (screenings start at 20.30, tickets 5 euros, can be purchased at the entrance and booked at the email [email protected]), the vision of the masterpieces of Jean Jacques Annaud, Franois Truffaut, Akira Kurosawa , Nicholas Roeg, David Cronenberg, Giuliano Montaldo and many others. Among the cinema events there is also a special tribute to Franco Battiato with the screening of his documentary “Traversando il Bardo. Looks on the afterlife “(July 28). All films are in their original language with Italian subtitles. The screenings are introduced by critics, directors and teachers.

For music, two evenings at 9 pm with “Eclettica 2.2”, a musical project by Girolamo De Simone: piano concerts by Cesare Picco (15 July, single place 20 euro) and Andrea Riccio (16 July, single place 15 euro, students 10 euros). The show closes with the live show of the Veronese collective C + C = Maxigross (30 July at 9pm, single seat 10 euros). Tickets available on www.azzurroservice.net.

“Doppio Sogno would aim to become a reminder and a drug – explains Lavinia D’Elia. The privileged selection for next July looks at the human in its many contradictions, tries to collect – through the gaze of authors with a strong sense – ideas for observation and reflection, urges attention to what we are: animals more organized than others, superior n inferior, certainly more arrogant. However, the responsibility for human actions is greater because the means that allow us to express ourselves and communicate are better and more sophisticated … So enjoy your vision! The journey begins within us and embraces others (even when forcibly distanced). time to live every moment with quality, “all together and consciously”.

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It begins on Monday 12 July with Jean-Jacques Annaud’s film, “La guerra del fuoco” (La guerre du feu), an observation on the prehistory of man, a tasty and witty “as we were” that will pleasantly surprise. The screening introduced by Roberto D’Avascio, professor of English literature at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”. Remaining in the track, we continue on Tuesday 13 July with “The wild boy” (L’Enfant sauvage) by Franois Truffaut, which establishes a first link between the original instinctive nature and the evolved nature of modern man. The screening is preceded by an intervention by Alberto Castellano, essayist and film critic.

On Wednesday 14 July, the film “Rhapsody in August” (Hachigatsu no kyōshikyoku) by Akira Kurosawa is scheduled to call for peace and not to lose the connection with universal harmony. Before the film, a meeting with Stefano Manferlotti, professor of English Literature and Comparative Literature at the Federico II University of Naples.

A little-known science fiction proposal “The Man Who Fell to Earth” by Nicholas Roeg, starring David Bowie as an exceptional protagonist, and opens the second week of the review on Tuesday, July 20, asking the question : “Who is the alien among us?”. The film introduced by Gianni Maffei, professor of Contemporary Italian Literature at the Federico II University.

Wednesday 21 July, we enter the arena of another great visionary filmmaker, David Cronenberg with the vision of “Videodrome”, which takes us, perhaps first of all, to a dystopian contemporary that announces the looming nightmare of the union of the body of the man with the car. Exceptional performer, the charming singer of Blondie, Debbie Harry. To precede the film, an intervention by Emiliano Chirchiano, professor of Media Phenomenology at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. Thursday 22 July the film / show “La Vita Nuda”, directed by Alfonso Postiglione and produced by the Naples Theater and Mad Entertainment, with executive production by Mosaicon, retraces the short stories of the greatest Italian playwright of the twentieth century, Luigi Pirandello , bringing us back to the Magna Graecia of a still totally analogical philosophical feeling. Introduces the director with Rosario Gallone, co-founder and teacher of the Pigrecoemme School of Cinema.

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Friday 23 July space for short films with the selection of CortoNero 2021 Summer Edition, curated by Gennaro Maria Cedrangolo, which reaches its fifth edition and returns to the gardens of Villa Pignatelli to make spectators jump with short and lightning heart-pounding stories. The evening introduced by Ciro Sabatino, director of Gialli.it.

The last week of Doppio Sogno XXI offers on Tuesday 27 July the vision of “Giordano Bruno”, a film by Giuliano Montaldo starring Gian Maria Volont and the meeting with Raffaele Lucariello, philosopher and professor of philosophy, and on the tragic story of the philosopher from Nola , whose immense vision of infinite possible worlds and even more infinite love introduces the two documentaries that conclude the cycle of screenings. On the first Wednesday 28 July, “Crossing the Bardo. Sguardi sull’Aldil ”, presented in homage to the great investigator of the soul, as well as a musician, Franco Battiato, who offers scenarios of living and dying unknown to Western vision. Introduced by Luigi Vitiello, doctor, psychotherapist, yantra yoga and meditation teacher.

The second, Thursday 29 July, which logically closes the theme of the review to which it lends its title, the scientific-humanist documentary, “Bleep – But what … bip … we really know” (What The “Bleep” Do We Know), which it leads into the extremely small of the extremely large (and vice versa), through the searching eye of the triad of authors William Arnzt, Betsy Chasse and Mark Vicente. The film will be introduced by Paolo Silvestrini, Professor of Physics at the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”.

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The programming of “Doppio Sogno” enriched by three musical events at 9.00 pm. Thursday 15 and Friday 16 July double appointment with contemporary classical music and the project in progress “Eclettica 2.2”, curated by Girolamo De Simone, with piano concerts by Maestro Cesare Picco (single place 20 euro), composer and experimenter of sonore cosmogonie, which presents “Nocturne under the clouds”, and by Andrea Riccio (Single place 15 euros, students 10 euros), with “Centro d’abstraction”, in which the artist performs music by Bach, Battiato, Kurtg and Schumann .

The program closes on Friday 30 July with a great music party with the concert of C + C = Maxigross (single seat 10 euro), young and exuberant musical collective from Verona, the first Italian indie band present in the official Line Up of the Primavera Sound of Barcelona in the 2016, whose latest project “Deserto per Verona” (2019) provided for the organization of a series of live shows and events for the city community. On the stage of Doppio Sogno the band will present a new triangular set in the figures of the producer Duck Chagall, founder of the collective in 2008, together with Cru and Tobjah.

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