Time.news – Last mile for the Sostegni decree. Prime Minister Mario Draghi tries to tighten and takes stock with the ministers in view of the Council of Ministers on Friday, after a series of postponements, the aid to families and businesses expected from January should be launched. But first it will be necessary to overcome some rocks. And in this direction, after Draghi’s confrontation with ministers, tomorrow morning’s meeting between the Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco, the Minister for Relations with Parliament, Federico D’Incà and the group leaders of the Chamber could be decisive. and Senate. There are now a few hours to close the measure but the pressure of political forces and categories is growing by the hour.

The unions ask for a meeting with the premier and are once again urging the blocking of layoffs until the end of the pandemic emergency. “We need to confirm in the Sostegni decree the resources necessary to protect all forms of work and to extend the blocking of layoffs until we are out of the pandemic emergency phase and to start the reform of social safety nets”, underline the general secretaries of CGIL in a note. , Cisl and Uil, Maurizio Landini, Luigi Sbarra and Pierpaolo Bombardieri. Leu also asks to extend the freeze on redundancies until the end of the emergency phase.

The Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, has repeatedly reiterated that for the workers of larger companies, which have ordinary layoffs, the block of layoffs expiring at the end of March will be extended until June while for workers who are entitled to cig in derogation or to the FIS, the wage integration fund, the stop will be extended until the end of October, the time necessary to introduce a system of social safety nets capable of guaranteeing everyone.

The extension of the redundancy fund will also follow a double track: for workers with ordinary cig it will be extended by 13 weeks usable by the end of June while for workers covered by the cig in derogation or by the FIS 28 weeks will be refinanced to be used until autumn. .

The fiscal chapter, the subject of a long tug-of-war in the majority, is the thorniest. The League continues to push for fiscal peace and aims to clear the tax warehouse, supported by the Five Star Movement. But Pd and Leu are opposed and cry out for amnesty. The compromise reached at the moment aims to delete over 60 million old folders, all those up to 5 thousand euros entrusted from 2000 to 2015. The Northern League, however, are counting on raising the bar in Parliament by bringing the threshold to 10 thousand euros.

And on this front, the trade unions also issue a warning: “It is time to fight tax evasion also with digital technologies and to start the tax reform. Not disguised tax amnesties”. Work is still ongoing to define the refreshment mechanism. “By April 30 everyone will have the money in their current account”, assures the Undersecretary for the Economy, Claudio Durigon, confirming that the 12 billion on the plate will be used to finance the compensation for the losses recorded last year and that the government intends to parameterize the compensation to the decrease in turnover recorded in 2020 compared to 2019, exceeding the Ateco codes. VAT numbers with a turnover of up to 10 million that have registered losses of at least 33% will be compensated and access to the refreshment points will be proportional to the company’s revenues.

“This is the first act, we are ready to do something else”, explains Durigon, underlining that this intervention “cannot be exhaustive, if we consider that in 2020 alone there were about 400 billion in loss of turnover” and there is a need a further aid which will require the new budget gap (of at least 20 billion) that the government is ready to ask for in April. The aim is then to strengthen aid to families. There is an increase in requests to extend parental leave for parents struggling with closed schools and to grant babysitter bonuses even to those in smart working. For the Minister of the Family, Elena Bonetti, the Sostegni dl “is a first text in the emergency field” but from April if necessary there will be other interventions.


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