Drama by Moti Ben Moshe: Shai in the Av Beit Din resigns unexpectedly

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Shai Babed (Photo by Hadas Porush Flash 90)

Shai BaVad, who served as finance director and was appointed to a senior position at Moti Ben Moshe a few months ago in Blue Square Oak, announced that he is interested in running operating companies and not in holding companies. Ben Moshe accepted Babad’s request and released him from his post.

It should be remembered that Shai in the Av Beit Din was placed on Moshe Kahlon’s list for the Knesset but was not elected and therefore received compensation and was appointed director of finance. The appointment of a political man to such a professional position was puzzling, but in the end the appointment passed and the AVD was unable to leave its mark on the ministry or economic life in Israel.

After Moshe Kahlon retired from the Ministry of Finance and took over the position of Israel Katz, he left the Ministry of Finance and sought his way in the private market, and from there he reached Moti Ben Moshe, who also left without leaving a mark.

The Av Beit Din reached Moti Ben Moshe at the end of May, after a rumor mill that he would be appointed CEO. According to the terms of his employment: the AVD will work 80% of the time and will earn NIS 165,000 every month, which is about NIS 2 million a year. The AVD will also be entitled to a maximum annual grant of NIS 2 million, which will depend on the company’s performance. In addition, he will receive a six-month gold parachute at the AVD, which means that if Blue Square Oak chooses to end his term as CEO of the company, he will receive a salary for another six months.

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