Drama: Hefetz testified that Netanyahu did not send him to talk to Pilber about Elovich

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On the other hand, Hefetz will probably testify about grievances that Malowitz transferred to Netanyahu, about a meeting he prepared between the two while passing on a document related to Bezeq’s regulation. In addition, Hefetz will also testify that, in stark contrast to what Netanyahu claimed in the investigations, he was very interested in what was published in Walla.

As part of a state witness agreement with him, Hefetz provided investigators with many recordings he had recorded for years, in which he claimed Netanyahu, his wife and other sources could be heard.

MK Shlomo Qara came to the district court to support Netanyahu: “I came to the Jerusalem District Court to support Prime Minister Netanyahu in the face of persecution and the tailor-made cases.”

Outside the court, police forces and a number of supporters of the opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu arrived with support signs.

Demonstration of support outside the court gates for opposition chairman Netanyahu

The course of the trial:

The State Attorney’s Office updated Netanyahu’s attorneys at the beginning of the hearing: “Hefetz said that Netanyahu did not send him to talk to Pilber about regulatory issues concerning Elowitz.”

Hefetz was then asked about his role as the family’s spokesman since 2014 and replied: “The prime minister’s preoccupation with the private affairs is very disturbing to the prime minister, to any prime minister.” Maybe security may be more, but that’s the scale. “” For the sake of caution this is at least one of the two issues. In my personal opinion, this is the number one issue. “

Hefetz: “Anyone who is not there and has seen it will not believe how important this issue is to him. He is much more than a freak of control, he wants to know everything. Even if it’s security meetings put notes in, there is a procedure. “Absolute and total. The scope is enormous, much more than one might think. If we could measure it in time, it is at least as in security matters that it is the second issue.”

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Tabenkin responds: If you have to characterize Netanyahu’s attitude to the media. How important is the issue to him?

Hefetz replies: “I am not saying that a security issue has been neglected due to media issues, but if we measure time – it is at least like security matters and indeed many times we only dealt with this and things that the bystander would see as nonsense.”

The terrorists were apprehended
Nir Hefetz in court. Photo: Flash 90

Hefetz: “Netanyahu’s decision to be appointed communications minister was made with his wife. It was an unequivocal family decision that only he would be communications minister because the perception was that any communications minister, even if loyal, the media would bend him and no one could stand in front of the media except Netanyahu himself. There was no other option and it was a consensus in the family. “

Hefetz: “In the second half of 2014, Netanyahu instructed me to contact Elowitz. And that he will be my only contact for things related to Walla’s affairs. Netanyahu’s policy regarding the entire media – the owner of the century is of the opinion. “His demand is always to talk to the owner or another considered figure. I agreed with that.”

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Nir Hefetz. Photo: Jonathan Zindel, Flash 90

Hefetz went on to testify: “At the time of the election campaign, the person who initiated the meetings was Elovich, I was very busy. Usually the meetings were held in private at home. When I entered I would leave my cell phone outside in a kitchen drawer, we would both do it. Very much to everyone who works for a prime minister. “

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“In the meetings that were held at the House of Representatives, the concerns and desires of Elovich were the Minister of Communications – who will be the Minister and who will be the CEO and he wants the Minister of Communications to sign the Yes deal. “Elowitz’s claim was that the Minister of Communications and CEO Berger were blackmailing him by making the Yes deal conditional on the wholesale market reform. Elowitz said that not approving the Yes deal would hurt Bezeq’s ability to damage infrastructure in the future.

“One hundred percent, I remember conveying to Netanyahu the messages from Elovich as I perceived them at the time. After Saar resigned and Arden was due to move to the Interior Ministry, he asked for a period of about two months to complete the wholesale market reform. Elovich called me home and asked not to allow “Arden left a foothold in the Ministry of Communications. It did not come up in my conversation with Netanyahu that it has more weight than a feather, except for the obligation to update it.”

Hefetz: “Each time I was surprised anew how much he (Elowitz) knows what is happening in the prime minister’s environment. For example, the candidates for communications minister, I did not know and then when I inquired I found out that they did talk about him. .

Shaul Alovich. Photo: Jonathan Zindel Flash 90

“He (Elovich) asked me to take the pages to Mr. Netanyahu and send him the message that there is an expiration of the Antitrust Authority’s approval of the Bezeq Yes deal, and in order for the Antitrust Authority’s approval not to expire – the deal must be signed before the election. With Netanyahu. “

Hefetz: “I did not want to do it. I did not feel comfortable conveying it. I was not proficient in it and conveying something you are not completely proficient in is not a right thing. So he said that this paper is something visible that anyone can pull from Google. I agreed and I remember “I put the paper upside down in a seat next to the driver. At the first opportunity I sat with him in the study in Balfour, I remember he read the pages to the end. He picked up the phone and asked to make an appointment with Elovich.”

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“I asked Elovich why he was not asking for an extension from the Antitrust Authority and he replied that he had asked. It would have been better for an intensive care unit to be outside. He was under tremendous pressure.”

“I handed Netanyahu a document from Elowitz, but he shredded it and asked to make an appointment.” He (Netanyahu) whispered in my ear that Shalovitch was at the entrance and put him in in a way that the others present would not see him. I close the curtains, go to the entrance, put Elowitz in. I told him to sit down and I told Mr. Netanyahu that Mr. Elovich was waiting for him inside.

“Prior to the meeting with Mr. Elovich, Mr. Netanyahu told me to be in the area. When I arrived in Jerusalem, I had the opportunity to be in a meeting with other senior Likud members that was taking place in Balfour at the time.” Hefetz on Netanyahu’s request that those present not see Elovich: “He is very divisive and does not trust political figures who are with him. This is not unusual conduct, I did not perceive it as something conspiratorial.”

Elovich. Photo: Jonathan Zindel Flash 90

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