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New Delhi: Former India captain and BJP MP Gautam Gambhir has ridiculed former India coach Ravi Shastri. Gambhir said that Ravi Shastri’s job was commentary and when he was the Indian coach, Shastri used to do a lot of rhetoric. Gambhir said this in an interview to a national media. When India won the Test series in Australia in 2019, that victory was higher than the 1983 World Cup achievement, said Ravi Shastri, the then Indian team coach. On the same day, many people came out against this reference to Shastri.

But when the Indian team swept the T20 series 3-0 against New Zealand last day, the current coach Dravid reacted very maturely. Dravid said the victory was nothing to celebrate and that New Zealand had just three days’ rest after the T20 World Cup and had played three T20s in six days in India. Dravid went on to say that the New Zealand team was very tired and that is why India were able to beat them easily. Dravid also said that lessons should be learned from this victory and we should be prepared to face even bigger challenges.

This was followed by an interview in which Gambhir compared the two coaches. Gambhir said he never praised himself for playing well and that when he won the 2011 World Cup, no one on the team at the time said his performance was good but others said many times that the Indian players’ game was great.

It would be a good thing if India played better in Australia and England. But there is no need to praise yourself. Others should praise us. Dravid will never behave like Ravi Shastri. Gambhir said that no matter how many games he wins, his words will be humble and the focus of those words will always be on the players.

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