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Kozhikode: The court observed that the poet who filed a harassment complaint against writer Civic Chandran was wearing sexually provocative clothes at the time of the incident. Sessions Judge S. Krishnan Kumar pointed this out in the order granting anticipatory bail to Civic Chandran.

The order granting anticipatory bail is made with the observation that this is clear from the pictures produced by Civic Chandran along with the complaint and that Section 354A does not stand against Civic Chandran as alleged.

“It cannot be believed that a 74-year-old physically challenged man forcibly sat the complainant on his lap and inflicted bodily harm even if he admitted to having physical contact. The 30-year-old complainant has a better understanding of what constitutes sexual harassment.

However, the complaint is filed after two and a half years of the incident. That too after another similar complaint was registered at the Koilandi police station. The complainant should explain why there was such a delay in filing the complaint. It has not happened here” – the court order points out.

On February 8, 2020, the young writer complained that Kavita was sexually assaulted by the civic when she was walking on the beach of Koyilandi Nandi when she reached the camp. The complainant also demanded that the case be taken under Sections 354A (2), 341 and 354 of the Indian Penal Code.

English Summary: Sexual Harassment Complaint Will Not Prima Facie Stand When Woman Was Wearing Sexually Provocative Dress : Kerala Court In Bail Order


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