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IA development can be observed in the motorcycle market that after the years of the arms race is astonishing, perhaps even pleasing. Instead of outbidding each other with enormous engine power and correspondingly increased masses, the manufacturers are launching new models that come up with “reasonable” horsepower numbers below 100 and a purist equipment. Yamaha’s enduro Ténéré proves that this can be successful.

Aprilia is emulating this model. As Yamaha demonstrated, the Italians created an entire mid-range series around one engine. But the Tuareg 660 differs much more from its siblings RS 660 and Tuono 660, it is a completely independent development with a special tubular steel frame and highly suitable spring elements. Both the USD fork and the shock absorber are fully adjustable and provide a mighty 240 millimeters of spring travel, with which even rough terrain can be taken under the Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR studded tires.

The one-piece, non-adjustable seating furniture is correspondingly high. Normal-sized people don’t have to shy away from the respectable 860 millimeters, because the narrow waist also allows them to have safe contact with the ground when standing excellent wind and weather protection is refined behind the non-adjustable pane. So on the Tuareg, even long stages can be unwinded in a relaxed manner without clenched teeth or calluses, regardless of the good range of the rather generous 18-liter tank.

Despite the impeccable touring suitability, the Italian’s hour only really strikes on winding country roads and then when the asphalt ends. The in-line twin-cylinder, which has been modified according to the application and fits like a fist on the eye, helps it with this: camshafts with tamer control times and changes to the intake tract such as the exhaust system make the engine look fuller at the bottom and in the middle. The fact that a bit of top performance was sacrificed for this seems bearable, especially since the first gear as well as the entire secondary gear have been reduced for a crisp start. In the technical panel it reads as follows: The peak output of 80 hp is achieved at 9250 tours, a remarkable 70 Nm torque is already available at 6500 rpm.

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Driving report

Aprilia Tuareg 660

Unlike in the case of the purist Yamaha, riders of the Aprilia, which is equipped with advanced electronics, have the choice between two fixed driving modes that specify the response and braking torque of the engine, traction control and the intervention of the ABS, as well as two other individually configurable settings. If that’s too much choice, choose “Explore” for the road and “Offroad” with ABS deactivated at the rear for off-road activities.


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