Driving report Audi e-tron GT 60 quattro Distance Plus

IThings recently went haywire at Audi. At first it was said that combustion engines would be needed longer than planned. Then, one can assume a word of power whispered within trembling walls from CEO Herbert Diess that Audi will introduce the last model with a combustion engine in 2026. This was followed by the restriction that this probably applies to Europe, in China and various other markets, gasoline engines may still be required. Which will then probably no longer be built in Germany. Then we read from FDP boss Lindner in a conversation with the FAZ business editorial office that he wants to cancel the subsidy for electric cars if he is involved in the next federal government. Which is likely to threaten their existence, i.e. that of the electric cars.

Holger Apple

Editor in business, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

So the decision is not going to be any easier. To completely confuse the senses, we recommend a test drive in the electric Audi e-tron GT. After that, everyone will be breathlessly put their signature on the sales contract. Want to put. Because there is a price that slows down the distribution quite rudely. And whoever whizzes around the next corner is going full steam ahead into the resistance of electromobility, even here, at its technical spearhead. Charging takes longer than promised, electricity is more expensive than expected, and the range is shorter than expected. If the production of the battery still devours fossil energy, the environmental balance is also gone.


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