Driving report Renault Kangoo dci 95 Intense: Practical family car

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Dhe car as such is on the defensive. Buying one because it is simply fun to drive is frowned upon in parts of the population. But it doesn’t argue well against a Renault Kangoo. It doesn’t look like driving fun, but the boxy friend from France has been promising plenty of space for the family on a compact footprint at reasonably affordable prices since 1997 and recently in the third generation. And dad can boast at the regulars’ table that he drives half a Mercedes after all, after all, the Kangoo and the Citan were developed together, and they are also built together, in Maubeuge in northern France. In contrast to the case of the second generation from 2008, which was the first time they cooperated, Stuttgart has now exercised more technical influence, which can be seen as positive.

And the Kangoo has also grown to a proud 20 centimeters in length and no less important nine centimeters in width. It is now 1.91 meters, and be careful, with the exterior mirrors it is even 2.16 meters, as it can get tight on motorway construction sites. Nevertheless, the car is still compact with 4.49 meters from bumper to bumper, which is almost the same size as its main competitor, the VW Caddy. Both build a lot in height, the Renault 1.84 meters, which is also sold as a purely commercial vehicle with the nickname Rapid. Only for this there is the “sesame door” on the right-hand side, which causes so much sensation because the B-pillar is dispensed with, making loading from the side much more convenient.


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