Driving schools plan to start teaching the design of an accident

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The company “Movement without danger”, which the Institute for the Development of Vocational Education (IRPO) subordinate to the Ministry of Education had previously hired as a contractor, presented a draft of exemplary training programs in Russian driving schools. It follows from it that for future drivers will be introduced practical training on the registration of “minor” accidents without the participation of the traffic police, reports “Kommersant” with reference to one of the developers of the document, DOSAAF expert Andrei Stepanov.

Now this topic is studied only in theory. At the same time, in the future, on the contrary, it is planned to reduce the number of “classroom” classes from 188-190 hours to 144-146. Students will study some of the materials on their own, at home, the source said.

Additionally, future drivers will be introduced to how to install car seats in a car. It is also planned to pay more attention to machine control systems affecting safety. People will be told, for example, what to do if the Check Engine malfunction icon or coolant overheat alarm lights up on the dashboard.

The press service of the IRPO noted that the project will still be finalized – it will undergo several examinations and discussions, including with the participation of representatives of the traffic police. Only after that the document will be sent to the Ministry of Education. The timing of the entry into force of the new programs is still unknown.


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