Drones to Kuwait Central Prison, 3 drones flew into the central prison in Kuwait; One captured, who’s behind? – Three drones entered the central jail complex at Sulaibiya

Kuwait City: In the incident of three drones reaching the Central Jail Complex in Kuwait, the investigation is intensified. Three drones entered the Central Jail premises in Sulaibiya illegally. The attempt to land in the prison premises was foiled by the security personnel. A drone was captured. The other two drones flew away at high speed.

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The incident happened on Friday. Security officials noticed three drones entering the Central Jail premises. The attempt was to land in the prison premises itself. Officials immediately rushed in and seized a drone. The other drones quickly flew away. One flew to Sulaybiya area and the other to Al-Raqi area.

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The officials informed the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation. The captured drone was handed over to the Criminal Evidence Department to trace the people behind the incident. The Central Jail authorities have also announced an inquiry. As part of this, raids were conducted in the jail wards. 70 mobile phones, cables, internet distribution equipment, knives and drugs were recovered. It has been decided to intensify the investigation focusing on the prisoners.

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