Drought follows heatwave in UK, emptying bottled water shelves – NEWS 360 – WORLD

London: After extreme heat, UK is experiencing the worst drought in history. Bottled water shelves in major UK supermarkets are reportedly being emptied in seconds as the drought worsens. Some establishments facing a shortage of bottled water have also reportedly set limits on supply.

British media reports that a supermarket in London has announced that it can only provide three to five drinking bottles per day to a customer. The poster displayed in this regard was soon removed by the supermarket authorities.

The drought is due to insufficient rainfall in many parts of the country during summer. A dozen areas in the UK have been declared drought hotspots. The Met Office has indicated that southern England could experience dry weather until September.

Yesterday, the temperature reached 35 degrees Celsius. There is also a warning that there may be a food shortage as the severe drought has affected agricultural crops. Crops such as potatoes, apples and broccoli are reported to be severely damaged.


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