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Eventful night in via Italica in time.news. Around one o’clock, the men of the mobile radio, at the request of some residents, intervened to report a man who was wandering among the cars parked in the area, and who had removed the front plate from one of them.

Once the soldiers of the patrol arrived, they identified the 31-year-old man in FZ from Manoppello, a drug addict in an evident state of agitation. When asked to show the documents, the man began to inveigh against the military. and right at one of them he launched a violent elbow hitting him in the left side.

Reinforcements were needed to stop the man in rages, and lead him first to the offices of the Rancitelli logistics center and then to the hospital for visits.

The soldier hit by the elbow reported a closed thoracic trauma, with suspected infringement of the left rib, judged to be curable in days. 20.

Even in the emergency room the man arrested, in an evident state of confusion, was unable to calm down and even attempted self-injurious gestures. However, he tested positive for the use of hard drugs. The complaint for injuries and resistance to a public official was filed for him.


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