Drug trading app disabled..! 48 people arrested..!

Drug trading app disabled..!  48 people arrested..!

48 arrested in connection with encrypted app used for drug trafficking in Europe

In Germany, Europe, investigators have shut down Exclu, an encrypted app used for drug trafficking. German authorities have arrested 48 people involved. The Exclude app has been used as a secure channel for organized crime, particularly in the drug trade.

More than 70 properties in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland were raided last week. The arrested are users, operators and administrators of the communication service Exclu, the police said. The arrests are the result of an investigation that began in 2020.

drug trade app (1)

A former military bunker in West Germany was closed last year. The rest ran platforms dealing in drugs and other illegal activities. It also includes an encrypted app called Exclu. A six-month license of the app costs 800 euros (Rs 71,061).

Drug trading app disabled

This Xclude app is offered to users as a smartphone app. Of XCLUE’s 3000 users, 750 are in the Netherlands. The police have also said that they are investigating.


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