Drunk man broke into prison

Escapes from prison – from the famous Count of Monte Cristo who managed to escape from the castle of If to the prisoners in high security prisons in California and New York – have been described in detail and many times both in the literature and in the news media. And these escapes – successful and unsuccessful – always had as their goal to find freedom, to break out of the prison walls.

But recently, a unique case took place in a prison in the city of Redwood (California): a man did not escape from custody, but, on the contrary, broke into the prison. The guards were not accustomed to spying on people trying to enter the prison from the outside, and therefore it is not surprising that they did not notice how the unknown person, breaking two fences, climbed to the second floor of the building. The alarm went off, and the guard went to see what was going on. The “runaway vice versa” turned out to be 35-year-old Moises Robles, under the influence of alcohol and drugs and not very well aware of where he ended up.

Robles was sitting on the floor in civilian clothes, which immediately surprised the guard, since only prisoners could be in this zone. He confessed that he was taking drugs and told the police officers who arrived that he was allegedly being chased by “a man with a pistol.” He pleaded not guilty to disorderly conduct, but the investigation is not over yet, as it remains to be seen where Robles got credit cards in the name of other people. So it is likely that the goal of the “reverse fugitive” will be achieved – he will go to jail.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 0 dated November 30 -0001

Newspaper headline:
Escape “the other way around”



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